Content writing formula

1. Empathy:

What problem visitors are experiencing?
what emotions are they feeling
what’s their goal?
Who are they? (Demographics, psychographics, etc)

How to bring Empathy to the content?
Primary research?

Primary Method

  1. Use google forms to create qeustionairs.
  2. Use Google Analytics to collect demographics and behavioral data.

Secondary Research:

  1. Study competor reviews. (Demographics, likes, dislikes, etc)
  2. Look for trnds on social media. (How they speak, who they are, thier interests, etc.
  3. Downoad market/industory reports.
  4. Read case studies and whitepapers.

Utility in the content

Utility means making content practical. Readers shouldn’t have to leave and read anything else to understand the topic or take action.

How to achieve that?

  1. Screen shots of the process.
  2. Stepwise instructions
  3. Videos guide explaining the process or topic.
  4. Stats
  5. Infographics (Use Canva)


  1. Real life examples
  2. Case studies
  3. Ideas

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