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What is SEO?

SEO is an organic and ethical approach towards getting search traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo etc.

People input questions into search browsers to find the relevant information that can satisfy their query.

How it works

How do they get answers?

All the search engines including Google do have a database of web pages. They continuously monitor the content of those pages and the search queries.

When somebody hits search they match the questions with the most relevant webpage based on thousands of ranking signals. The ranking signals may be relevancy, speed, authoritativeness, and geographical location.

Based on these and many other signals search engines give a proper place to every piece of content in their indexing database.

This is how SEO works.

How do I get Started to Rank Higher?

Here is the help!!!

Google and search engines are not the only big giansts who keeps track of the search phrases and make databases. There are several other companies and tools that do the same job. 

But these companies help SEOs and Businesses to find out what works best in terms of optimization and analysis.

These tools cost a lot to the individuals and thats the reason there is not enough research in the field of SEO. Having access to the tools is not enough to start your SEO compaigns.

It takes time to grasp these complicated concepts and understand these huge tools GUIs.

But the Question is

Why not to Outsource?

Businesses have a lot to do to grow and prosper. Digital marketing is completely a different thing. 

If you start doing everything by yourself then how to manage all other important stuff like business analysis, tracking, orders, and everything.

A famous writer Sabri Suby gives a formula in his recent publication “Sell Like Crazy” the 80/20 rules. 

In simple words, he claims that only 20% of the whole business activity generates sales. If you outsource the other 80% by hiring low hourly rate employees, you can only focus on the most important 20% that can help generate more sales.

High Demand Services

What I am capable of?

My Skillset/Services

Topic Research

A proper topic reserach of top ranking domains and stealing their keywords.

Keywords Research

Building a list of topic keywords with all the matrices that help choose relevant phrases.

In Depth Keywords Research

Research of the top ranking keywords of top 10 domains. These keywords should have a proven traffic record.

Topic Clusters

The most in-demand SEO service that has historical traffic potential. "In Depth Keywords Research " is required before this step.

Content Management and Planning

I'll make a publishing schedule that best suits your niche and Google will love your pattern.

Affiliate Keywords Research

This is the most popular keywords research service because of its sales potential. I'll find affiliate and commercial keywords in your niche.

Am I capable of all this?

Experience Meets Expertice

SEO is not the game of days, it takes months and sometimes years to see phenominal results.

But the best thing is you don’t have to keep on spending money on SEO. It’s one time investment and you’ll be getting started organic traffic with huge sales intent.

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